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"Open linked data Osservatorio Giovani della Regione Emilia-Romagna"

This one-year project, funded by the city of Modena, is within the research area of the Open Data and Open Government. The project goal is to identify and integrate the data sources of interest for the youth politics. The first phase consists of a deep and wide search of the relevant data sources (local, regional, national and international sources), the second phase makes use of the open source data integration systems and ETL to transform and merge the most relevant data sources, the last phase aims to make the resulting value-added information public and searchable on the Web as Linked Open Data.

The key partners in this project are the municipality of Modena, the Emilia Romagna region and the Dbgroup, under the scientific direction of Prof. Bergamaschi.

The project will exploit several sources such as previous projects results, surveys, projects, services, observatories and youth aggregation structures present in the region.

After a first analysis that will cover the selection of sources , we will study how to integrate this variety of information to extract new knowledge about the situation of the youth in the regional area.

In the end, the project will select a portion of the information that will be delivered to the community and published as Linked Open Data.




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